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We supply brand new Black & Decker 36V Battery, there are Black & Decker 36V Ni-CD Battery, Black & Decker 36V Ni-MH Battery and Black & Decker 36V Li-ion Battery, all the Black & Decker 36V Replacement Batteries are made with grade A cell.

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36V 2.0Ah Battery For Black Decker 90589023 90556514-01 CM1936

36V 2.0Ah Battery For Black Decker 90589023 90556514-01 CM1936

  • Voltage: 36V
  • Size: 142.19 x 78.61 x 51.97 mm
  • Capacity: 2000mAh, 2.0Ah
  • Cell Material: Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd)
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About Black & Decker

Black & Decker was found in 1910 at Baltimore by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker as a small machine shop. 
In 1914, Black & Decker developed the first portable electric drill in the world. At that time, it is a landmark of drills to just touched the trigger of the drill to drive the motor, they then obtained a patent.
In 1971, when Apollo 15 landing the moon, Black & Decker cordless drill was using.
In 1979, Black & Decker developed and launched its first small cordless handheld vacuum cleaner "DUST BUSTER", the "DUST BUSTER" series was introduced to the market later.
In 2002, Black & Decker established a new factory in Xuzhou, China and was put into operation in 2004. 
In the 2010, Black & Decker merges with Stanley Works to become Stanley Black & Decker.
Now, the Black & Decker has large product range in Power tools, household products and garden tools, Corded and cordless Drills, Screwdrivers, Grinders, Sanders, Saws, Woodworking, Painting & Decorating, Workbenches, Multi Tools, Air Compressor in power tools; Lawn Care, Garden Tidy, Wood Cutting, Hedge Trimmers in garden tools and Vacuum Cleaning, Steam Cleaning in household products.
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